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Who cares if The Bottom Don’t Bump?  This site was initially created to bring atttention to  “The Making of Lot 9A.”   The sale of songs was a second thought.  Maybe some downloads would sell?!  I might even attract investors, manufacturers, management, or possibly a record company?  It’s possible, I guess?!?   


What happened at Lot 9, nevertheless, is crazy stuff, the New New STATUS QUO, or both?  What happened at Lot 9 is bigger than me….MUCH BIGGER….We need to educate or be educated.  Lot 9A can be the classroom.  There is a need to KNOW…..The future of the American Experiment is at stake….The legacy of the Baby Boomer generation is at stake, in fact!


HOME, SONGS, DOWNLOADS, and BOOKINGS are imbedded into this sites template.   I don’t have any BOOKINGS, nor do I expect to have any in the near future.



Sincerely, Dick Towers  


Meanwhile……’s more:     


The Obese Mentality

(Money vs. “Values”)  (Insider versus ‘Appropriate’ Behavior)


Is the mess from excess?                                        


“What would you say if you could waste hundreds of thousands of the taxpayers’ dollars, impound a citizen’s life for years and years, and destroy 20% of an extremely threatened environment in order to establish a windfall of funds to a non-profit environmental group, enable the purchase of unthreatened acreage that could have provided greatly needed affordable housing for the community, declare the property a conservation easement (unusable) and then ‘GIFT’ it to one of YOU (Municipality of Anchorage)?”


Is this about ‘power’ corrupting, or something more?


The Army Corps of Engineers Regulator Branch, with assistance from Alaska’s Division of Government Coordination (no longer in existence), the Environmental Protection Agency, Alaska’s Fish & Game, Alaska’s Department of Transportation, the National Marine Fisheries Service, the Municipality of Anchorage, and other governmental agencies let it happen.….a very SMALL deal that exposes what is “good enough for government work.”  The ramifications are being ignored…a very BIG deal.



Airport Projects, a New Convention Center, the Museum Expansion, a Knik Crossing ….very BIG deals, for sure…..Super!….but the size of a development should not change foundational logic and fundamental regard for fairness.  Find out how much money has been generated from the sale of “preservation credits” in Anchorage since 1998?  Who owns the rights to these “fees charged to do business” in the Municipality of Anchorage? How did the entire community benefit?


Government agents did everything wrong….EVERYTHING! We need to find out the WHY and the HOW.  We can not accept that they STILL do not see what they have done.  Clearly, something has to be ‘at stake’ for these organizations to function properly.  Reform is desperately needed in government and education.  Who is most responsible for the recognition and acknowledgement of infrastructural breaches?


I read where Abe Lincoln once asked an audience, “How many legs would a horse have if you called his tail a leg?”


“Five,” called out some of the onlookers.


“Four,” replied Lincoln, “Calling a tail a leg will never make it true.”