Senator Lisa Murkowski wrote me that the problem was that “I believed the Corps had an obligation which did not in fact exist.” As Anchorage’s mayor, Senator Mark Begich (D-Alaska) wrote me that what happened “will never be fully understood by those of us not directly involved.” What do these responses reveal about government leadership and awareness of what is known to be factual?


Far Cry From The Healing

while you read on, because

….”Everything” is at stake.

 ATTENTION: Keep in mind!  For two full years, Regulators knew 3-4 preservation credits existed on this  land without telling me! DOT paid more than $100,000 each at the time of my application. Lot 9 was assessed for $105,000 in 1997!  In 1999, regulators finally told me preservation credits were value at $55,000 each.  


             In the end, Lot 9 became Lot 9A and Lot 9B.  Lot 9B was sold in 2003 for $151,000, it’s “preservation” value.  Lot 9A was built in 2006 at a cost of $90,000; and sold for $120,000.  9A is too small for use per my application for a wetlands permit and can be of speculative use only. It is a used car lot.  I was told that no permit could ever be  issued for speculative use. 


When measured in economic terms, the cost to me, the city, state, and federal government has been in the millions of dollars, all considered…..never mind the loss of trust.  The city received a donation of 41 unthreatened developable acres of land, the state received a needed Corps permit to improve Old Seward Highway, and the Corps received accolades from the Anchorage Daily News (referring to money used to purchase the 41 acre donation), who on 1-14-01 wrote “It’s a happy story compared to what could have happened.”  Meanwhile, I was ignored, discarded and left stranded.  How can that happen in plain view and be ON THE LEVEL? .   


Regulators did everything wrong and called it a success.  They call tails legs! Government is not “ON THE LEVEL.” and doesn’t even know it!  It is supported by way too many tails called legs, Folks, and tails just can not support the USA.  Messes need to be cleaned up and removed; Messes can’t be fixed.  WE MUST STUDY……

 The Making of Lot 9A

(Good Enough For Government Work) WHAT MATTERS? :roll:   Does sharing and caring MATTER?  Does “Quiana” MATTER?  Does “The Golden Rule” MATTER?  Does “The Making of Lot 9A” MATTER?  Do Facts MATTER?  Does Integrity MATTER? Quiana                                                           QU I A N A                                                           (COY’- ANA  •  AN ALASKAN THANK YOU) In The Making of Lot 9A, an applicant had “two fish” he agreed to share.  Both fish were taken by a COE/EPA led  government process and the applicant’s “wings” were broken.   WIN, WIN, WIN became LOSS, LOSS, LOSS, LOSS, and more LOSS.


The Making of Lot 9A is representative of deeply imbedded structural breaches throughout our system of government.   This sort of “status quo” behavior “at work” has caused needless loss of time, energy, jobs, and money in America.  So, why is The Making of Lot 9A ignored?!?     Ignoring the breaches will never bring about recovery.


8-O The Making of Lot 9A is a story about city’s and state’s that are so afraid of BIG Government they allow their citizens to be harmed and left stranded rather than confront COE/EPA Regulators.  It should be studied and used as a model for effective economic recovery.


In the summer of 1997, a 35,000 square foot lot was offered for sale for less than half of the government assessed value of $105,800.  The owners had moved out of the state and had not paid their taxes for more than two years. 10% of the lot was designated as ‘B’ wetlands, so I needed to verify the reported and listed information with the Corps of Army Engineers Regulator Branch.  I then applied to build a commercial storage, office, and retail facility.  Having done that, the purchase of Lot 9 was made.


It was known that Old Seward Highway fronting Lot 9 was scheduled and funded for improvement. I met with the Corps Regulators in the offices of Alaska’s now defunct Division of Government Coordination on September 10, 1997.


The Corps, EPA, AK Fish & Game, ADEC, and Anchorage’s Planning Department informed me that there had been a great mistake and that Lot 9 was discovered to be 100% ‘A’ wetlands.  They begged me to “get out of the way” and said they had talked to Alaska’s DOT, who would make an offer, so I agreed, and if that did not work they had plans to direct money to a non-profit group, who would save the newly discovered ecosystem.


My application had to be withdrawn, they told me, so that AK DOT would be free to make an offer.  It would take a few month’s, I was told, “you know how slow government is sometimes, and all.”  I withdrew the original application immediately.  The room was filled with glee!  I trusted these paid public servants.  It was a Win, Win, Win consensus and meeting of the minds.


While I waited for the money needed to buy a substitute property, I would use the time to put together a band and maybe play out.  I called Surreal Studios and was hooked up with some of the best musicians in town within a few weeks.    We began our work at The Little Room Studio in November and were “sounding like a band” by February.   I could not have been happier.


In early March, I was beginning to get impatient with AK DOT, and in April, 1998, I was flabbergasted to be told DOT would not make an offer.   I re-applied for the non-speculative use of Lot 9.   The Corps (COE) made it clear, at the time of my initial application, that COE never issues permits for speculative projects. Click to view (rough) graphic sketches:   8-O

WINS become needless/harmful LOSSES


The Corps/EPA coalition rejected our numerous plan submissions, all the while assuring me they fully expected AK DOT would eventually make an offer.  In the summer of 1999 they finally disclosed that “preservation credits” at Lot 9 were valued at more than $300,000!   I had never heard of preservation credits. The Corps/EPA and the Agencies told AK DOT they would be credited ALL of the estimated 3-4 preservation credits, but instead of making any attempt to save Lot 9, DOT paid money ($56,000 for 1/2 a credit) directly to the non-profit group.


Why in the world would Alaska’s DOT reject a gain of $150,000 and reject saving a newly discovered fish habitat? COE/EPA then decided to issue a permit that could never meet the purpose and the need to construct a commercial storage, office, and retail facility.  The Corps actually suggested a pizza parlor would be fine! By 2000, I had spent $167,000.     Lot 9 was still assessed at $105,800 and the preservation credit value was estimated by COE/EPA to be about $300,000.


The non-profit group, as had AK DOT, told me I had to withdraw my application before they could make an offer.  Two full years had passed since COE/EPA and the Agencies declared the need to save Lot 9.  They held me down another six months and then offered $58,000 on February 3, 2000.    


The Corps did not care!


I called the Mayor, who told me he “understood that I had been mistreated” but could do nothing about it. I told Congressman Young.  I told Senator Stevens.  I told Senator Murkowski.  Nobody could stop the Corps and EPA from “having their way” with me in full public view.  


What had happened to Anchorage?


On September 28, 2000, the Corps of Engineers Regulators issued a permit to use 6,500 square feet of the 35,000 square foot property.     The Corps and EPA and the State of Alaska Government Coordination Office addressed my issues with total indifference.  The other agencies became onlookers, with the exception of one MOA planner, whose best efforts (shy of resigning) fell upon uselessly deafened ears. City, State, and Federal organizations had begged me to get out of the way so they could save a threatened environment and a previously undiscovered fish habitat. 


For my giving, they stood carelessly by, while directing funds to enable a non-profit group to spend $400,000 to buy 41 acres of unthreatened land in 2001.     The land was then donated to the City (MOA) Parks. What happened?  Was Lot 9 ever really threatened?  Was there really an endangered fish habitat? Was I still in America?


The local newspaper called the 41 acre purchase a “Happy Story,” (1-14-01) and ignored my requests for them to look closer.  The newspaper did not care and had no interest in reporting the real story. Lot 9 had to be cut into Lot 9A and 9B.  Anchorage Water & Wastewater Utility, after negotiating for assurances directly with the Corps, offered us $150,000 in 2002-2003, for the preservation credits on Lot 9B, and we took it.


In 2006, it cost us $90,000 to construct Lot 9A, a trophy representation of acceptable government work.   The full cost of the entire invasion upon my life will never be known, of course, but it is certainly into the millions of dollars.  I have been virtually caged for over ten years.  The full cost to the greater Public is certainly into the billions of dollars….if not much MORE, when considered as a massively daily and accumulating deficit cost to run government.  It is, from any grand belvedere, a frightening YIKEs!


As Mayor of Anchorage, (Senator) Mark Begich, wrote me that what happened to me “will never be fully understood by those of us not directly involved.”  Please ask him if he finally understands. In 2004, Senator Lisa Murkowski wrote me that the problem was that I believed the government “had an obligation which did not in fact exist.”  Government has no obligation to give a squat about doing good and proper work?    Please ask her to explain what she meant.


A high level AK DOT spokesman wrote that what happened was “not exceptionally flawed.” In 2007, the commander of the Regulators wrote to Senator Ted Stevens stating that “A permit was issued which met his (Towers’) overall purpose and the need to construct a commercial storage, office, and retail facility.”  The permitted lot is 6,500 square feet in size.  The commander also questioned my due diligence.  Incredible! 


What “happened” at Lot 9 can not HAPPEN…but it did?  How could it happen and why are the wrongs being ignored?   The Corps recorded the entire process as a success. 8-O The “Hit and Run” happened in plain view, but the community has kept their distance and treat the subject matter (and me) as if it (and me) were in a quagmire of quicksand to be avoided.  Why?


Is there anything “nice” about what happened to make Lot 9A, Mayor, Governor, Congressman, Senator, and Mr. President?  Is there one thing even vaguely “O.K” about what was done?  How would you explain it to a six year old?  Six year old children have an unrealized “need to know.”      The questions raised affect us all, true enough, but especially six year old little folks.


New New Alaska?   Can “nipping it at the bud” start here? At what point in time does widespread indifference become acceptable abuse?  Is the act of squatting prior to any decision making a “too simplistic” idea?  Can a simple physical act symbolize and establish a sense of common purpose?  Will “giving a squat” continue to be an obligation that does not exist?  Does being TOO BIG to squat lead to being TOO BIG to fail?


The Making of Lot 9A is about common sense, common decency, common objectivity, and common purpose.  How did “Lot 9A” ever HAPPEN?   The answers affect us all.   UNDERSTAND CLEARLY that I believe most, if not all, of the government workers and leaders, responsible for the multiple wrongdoings at Lot 9, believe they have done good work and have no idea of all the harm that has been needlessly done. 


Win, Win, Win becomes Loss, Loss, Loss and nobody knows the difference.   Denials have become acceptable.   Calling a tail a leg makes it true.  Therein lay the greatest challenges. Both Senator’s Murkowski and Stevens recommended I take legal action.  Should it require legal action to determine if 1+1=2?  


Should it require legal action to recognize and acknowledge the difference between a tail and a leg?   Congress feels no responsibility for, or has any real oversight over, what the Corps does, it is clear. Stand Up…but Give-A-Squat, too!….It is the very least each and every American can do.  How about a million or so folks show up in Washington, DC “standing up and giving a squat”  about government work and leadership issues…starting with… let’s say…. term limits and fiscal responsibility?    That would be somethin’ to see!  Stand up.  Squat down.  Stand up.  Squat down.  Stand up.  Squat down.  Stand up.  Squat down. 


If nothing else it would help maintain better health for a lot of folks, which may just lead to reducing ‘Debt & Deficit,’ along with obesity.


Rain in Summer


    ♫…..In TRUTH, there is a sadness….♫…but it’s not the breaking kind….It’s more like Rain in Summer….♫…not Welcome….some of the time…♫..   BUT, facts and truth MATTER, nevertheless. I am campaigning to re-define, re-consider and re-evaluate squat [G-A-S] and locating critters with five legs [Folly]???  I need HELP.


New New Alaska seems to be the only place for me to get HELP!   The Bottom Don’t Bump!?  What does that mean?  Don’t I mean The Bottom “Doesn’t” Bump?  It’s the same thing.  The word “Don’t” just seems to resonate better and be more indicative of the way things are.  Call it artistic license or call it crazy stuff.


The bottom represents the average life that needs to be stimulated, but the way things are, small world average lives have become invisible, disposable, disrespected and disregarded….like mine has become.  It’s crazy stuff!  Stop the crazy stuff and America can “get all better”…♥…perhaps even “Well” and average life will again be stimulated.


The Lot 9 Story is about education, ethics, fiscal responsibility, environmental responsibility, work performance, and fundamental situational awareness (aka: common objectivity, common sense, common decency and common purpose).   [GOOD ENOUGH FOR GOVERNMENT WORK .US] can be constructed and used as an educational location to begin the needed ‘corrections.’


“Calling a tail a leg does not make it true,” said Abe Lincoln, and yet, now-a-days, it is a common occurrence.  Government is not well.  It is not even close to being “well.”   The place to start is with rehabilitation and retraining.  Perhaps some form of “bureaucrat whispering” can be developed to rehabilitate the leaders and retrain the work force?


The Lot 9 Story exposes one broken government process that will continue to break anything and anyone in its path, not necessarily because it wants to do harm, but because it doesn’t know any better due a lack of knowledgeable oversight.  Fix that one process and it could affect all other government work.


Hopefully, my story will shine serious and credible light on government work that will result in saving the country billions of dollars, reduce fear and uncertainty, and identify ways to restore trust.  ALL these issues can be viewed in 3-D Clarity by examining what happened at Lot 9 from beginning to end.  These are the things that “make or break” a country.


Does sharing and caring MATTER?  Does “Quiana” MATTER?  Does “The Golden Rule” MATTER?  Does “The Making of Lot 9A”


MATTER? Quiana   Q U I A N A (COY’- ANA  •  AN ALASKAN THANK YOU)   In The Making of Lot 9A, an applicant had “two fish” he agreed to share.  Both fish were taken by a government process and the applicant’s “wings” were broken.  Does it matter? :-?:-( WHAT MATTERS?!?


:roll: Click to listen to: U.S. Made Inside   ……………………………………….

“Well, Mr. BIG Bear…like I was sayin’….I applied for a government permit, but I’ll get out of your way. You won’t still eat my lunch, and then eat me, too, will you?”


The Making of Lot 9A   In The Making of Lot 9A, it was not a bear, but instead a coalition of government agencies that I met with on 9-10-1997.  The group was led by the Regulator Branch of the Army Corps of Engineers and the Environmental Protection Agency.   Also represented were AK Fish & Game, AK Department of Environmental Conservation, and Anchorage Planning Department.     Federal, state and local workers proceeded to “eat my lunch” and then needlessly sucked the joy from my life.


The causes for the current economic crisis can be traced directly to the deeply imbedded systemic flaws blatantly exposed in COE #4-820929.  The Making of Lot 9A is at the bottom of America’s collapse.  Through examination, it can be used to get government “houses” in order.  Well maintained and well working “COGS” are needed more than ever.


There can be no certainty when the cogs of an apparatus are not functioning.  Avoiding and/or ignoring facts never works out well.


The cogs in government processes need our attention.  The affect caused by the manipulation of, and/or clearly broken, cogs upon the nation are proving to be paralyzing.  Lot 9A reveals the broken cogs.  Lot 9A also reveals the ways they are being manipulated.  Does it always require unusual minds to undertake the analysis of the obvious, as Alfred North Whitehead once suggested?  He also noted that “Common sense is genius in homespun.”


The Municipality of Anchorage provided an accurate summary in 2010.  Of seven (7) statements, four (4) are not accurate and one (1) blames the laws.   A state government official wrote saying he did not believe what happened “was because of an exceptionally flawed process.”  The common sense genius of Abe Lincoln: “Calling a tail a leg doesn’t make it true.”     I gave the facts to friendly mayors, governors, senators, our congressman, business and community leaders.


The unwillingness to accept the factual truth and willingness to accept the flaws is also stunning.  The dismissive indifference shown by the “Good” people is worthy of serious study because “tails called legs” are now depended upon as foundational cogs.   Inaccurate summaries are rooted.     The purpose of the Regulator Branch, EPA and other Agencies was to ask me to withdraw my application, so that Alaska’s Department of Transportation would be free to make an offer to buy Lot 9, and prevent use of Lot 9.  They said it would be easier than condemnation.


They wanted me to quickly “get out of the way.”  It made common sense and it was the right thing to do.  I had no idea government could be willing or able to do what they ended up doing.   Neither I, nor America, can recover until wrongs are recognized and acknowledged.


The same systemic flaws that made Lot 9A are making America weak and non-competitive.  Until “what it took” to make Lot 9A are identified and purged from every government process, replaced with proper cogs, default mechanisms installed, and “giving a squat” replaces indifference, America’s future is at risk.


Mr. BIG Bear (The dysfunctional Corps of Engineers wetlands permitting process, in my case) needlessly destroyed my small business and consumed my time, energy and joy.   Dependable cogs are gone, being manipulated, or broken.  Mr BIG Bear (Debt and Deficits, in government’s case) is needlessly consuming America’s future time, energy and joy.


There can not be an economic recovery until deeply imbedded systemic flaws have been recognized and acknowledged!   Lot 9A exists due to forty (40) years of torrential subjective reigns, where calling a tail a leg made it true.     There is a need to study The Making of Lot 9A, and maybe even suffer the use of “umbrellas and tents,” until all the HOUSES OF CARDS have been dismantled and replaced with houses built upon objective integrity.     Why not agree to analyze the obvious?


The Making of Lot 9A awaits scrutiny because the road to bipartisanship, recovery, healing, and mutual understanding can be through the analysis of what happens in plain view.                         


Whatever happened to America? Needlessly Harmed – Seriously Threatened   Little Dickie Towers and America           [When I was attacked by a modern day “Soapy Smith,” in the form of a government process, I could no sooner leave the scene than a fireman could abandon someone caught in a burning building. Disastrously, I failed to get out of harm’s way.]


Open Letter:


Honorable Ladies and Gentlemen,   The Making of Lot 9A awaits your scrutiny because the road to bipartisanship, recovery, healing, and comprehension is through little Lot 9A in Anchorage, Alaska.  Why not agree to analyze the obvious?  Why not give a squat?  What’s the downside?   Congress can show the country “How To” address the government uncertainties that are paralyzing small businesses throughout America.


The well documented Lot 9 Model is at your disposal.  Are you willing and able to get up and down?  Not everyone can.   The deeply imbedded systemic flaws are “at your feet.”   The private sector needs to know for certain that Congress is willing and able to actually squat, and then has the courage to confront the foundational (street level) regulatory behavior that has created a whole lot of uncertainty, stress, needless losses, debt and deficits.


With all due respect, the country is desperately seeking your greatly valued “squats,” at a time when your “stands” seem to be blocking your best vision. G-A-S is NEEDED now.  The Bottom can hardly “breathe” never mind Bump!